Cybeck Capital Partners, LLC

Cybeck Capital Partners

Cybeck Capital Partners is a resource for companies needing equity capital for transition and growth. We are a private investment firm seeking to help companies and their owners build value and provide exceptional returns for all stakeholders.

For over 40 years, we have been collaborating with business owners, implementing creative solutions, and promoting our philosophy… personal and organizational development through business. Our experience, knowledge and business network bring value to each of our partnerships.

Our team welcomes the opportunity to get to know you and encourages you to contact us with any questions.

Our Vision

Our vision has rested on two tenets:

First, the ultimate measurement in life is not how many widgets you sell or your final bank balance. We believe our responsibility is to “leave the campsite in better condition than when we arrived.” Our skill set is business and we use those skills to affect a positive influence on individuals and organizations. We help people reach their goals and ambitions so they may do the same for others. That’s not to say a business should not be profitable. In fact, profit from a prudently run business operation ensures sustainability and allows us to further our mission.

Second, we sincerely appreciate and respect the opportunities afforded everyone within the United States of America. We believe in the free enterprise system: freedom for individuals and businesses to operate and compete. We believe small business, through the jobs they create and the value they bring to their communities, is the fuel which drives economic growth and improves people’s lives.

“I believe that entrepreneurs perform the most noble acts of anyone in a free society.
By putting their capital at risk and creating jobs for others,
they keep the Great American Dream alive.”

– Clay Mathile, founder, Aileron and author “Dream No Little Dreams”

Our Values

Our values help communicate our mission and guide our personal actions and business relationships:


The entire world is symbiotic. We respect and strive to balance the needs and desires of others through our thoughts and actions.


This one is simple… we “do the right thing.”


We value and honor our responsibilities and commitments to ourselves and other individuals, teams, and companies.


While we are not shy about accepting recognition or praise for the job we have done today, we have a drive to think and work for a better result tomorrow.


We are proud of our daily actions, the companies we represent, and the people we have the privilege of working with.

Meet Our Team

While we have diverse backgrounds, our team shares the same values and is passionate about living out our mission.

Harry D. Loyle, CFE


Harry was our founder, mentor and friend. We honor his legacy each day by remembering how he treated everyone with dignity and respect.

Dec. 21, 1953 – Dec. 30, 2020

Joseph M. O’Hara

Co-Founder, Partner and Chief Financial Officer

Joe has spent the last twenty-five years owning, operating and serving in management positions for both private and public companies.

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Joseph E. Mathews

Partner and CEO of Franchise Performance Group

Joe  has been in franchising since 1985 after accepting his first position right out of college.

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Joseph W. Davis

Partner and Director of Financial Services

Joe learned at an early age the Take the Stairs approach was essential to him achieving success.

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Timothy M. O’Neil

Partner and Director of Professional Development

Joe learned at an early age the Take the Stairs approach was essential to him achieving success.

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Ashley J. Breidenbach

Director of Research & Portfolio Consultant

Ashley uses her knowledge and experience in marketing and retail operations to solve various business challenges.

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