Joe Davis serves as Director of Financial Services for Cybeck Capital Partners and brings a wide range of knowledge to our organization including budgeting and projections; business planning, banking and financial management, finance system development and real estate and lease transactions.

Joe learned at an early age the Take the Stairs approach was essential to him achieving success. Whether it was late nights in the library, gym or at the office, Joe will take the tougher path to get to his goals. This shows as Joe is part of the first generation of his family to graduate college, and the first with a postgraduate degree. He has also taken a $7,500 loan from his parents and turned it into a 10 property, 23-unit residential real estate portfolio over the course of 6 years.

During his career, Joe has worked as a Business Advisor to many small- to medium-sized, privately owned businesses. His experience includes working with businesses in diverse industries that includes Franchising, Retail, Real Estate, Service, Financial Services, among several others with tasks such as developing finance systems, implementing processes and procedures that improve efficiencies and maximizing value within those organizations.

Joe received a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Finance, and a Master of Accountancy from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio.


Joe is a dedicated family man currently living in Norfolk, Virginia with his wife, Karen, who is fulfilling her patriotic duties with the United States Air Force, their son, Charlie, and a Great Dane named Piper. Joe enjoys taking walks on the beach with Karen, Charlie and Piper, traveling to visit friends & family and many other outdoor activities, especially golf.

Cybeck Team

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Co-Founder, Managing Partner and Chief Financial Officer

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Partner and CEO of Franchise Performance Group

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