Ashley Breidenbach is the Director of Research and a Portfolio Consultant for Cybeck Capital Partners. She uses her knowledge and experience in strategic planning, marketing, and retail operations to solve various business challenges and get people moving in the right direction. Having managed multiple brands in industries undergoing significant transitions over the past 19 years, she has gained valuable insight and understands the need to have customer-centric marketing, relevant brand positioning, and effective communication among all constituents. Under her leadership, her marketing teams have developed and implemented dozens of turn-key programs which includes not only creative design and production, but also new retail product introductions and complete operational support materials for sales associates and franchise owners. 

While attending the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL, she was the Administrative Assistant for Hecht Residential College for five years. That unique experience allowed her to develop and refine her customer service and team building skills. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Business Administration in Logistics, she provided logistics support for Fritz Companies Inc. in Miami and gained exposure to international business in the “Gateway to Latin America.”

In 2001, she returned to her roots in Ohio and began the next phase of her career with MotoPhoto as a member of the Concept Development Team. She was later responsible for developing and maintaining vendor relationships and implementing buying programs. When Harry Loyle bought the assets of MotoPhoto Inc. and formed MOTO Franchise Corporation in 2003, she became his Executive Project Manager and was responsible for marketing, corporate communications, event planning, conventions and trade shows. Since then, she has provided invaluable support for Cybeck’s portfolio partners and consulting clients through strategic planning, industry and market research, franchise regulations and compliance, and EOS implementation. One of her favorite projects was leading the Fetch! Pet Care franchise system through a brand refresh including the development and implementation of a new brand voice and logo.

Ashley served on the Board of Trustees for the Trotwood Chamber of Commerce and was elected Secretary. This opportunity allowed her to gain a greater appreciation for small business owners and the importance of a pro-business community. She has been a member of the Board of Trustees for Indian Lake Yacht Club and was elected Commodore for two terms – an honor she shares with both her father and grandfather. She served on the Board of Trustees for the VISIONS Endowment Fund which was founded to enhance the educational experience for children attending Vandalia-Butler City Schools and was Secretary for the Highlander Class International Association which is dedicated to the growth and vitality of the “Original One-Design Sport Boat.”

While most people prefer to talk rather than listen and express opinions rather than ask questions, Ashley is quite the opposite. She is a keen observer and her favorite word is ‘why.’ Always eager to face a new challenge, she has an insatiable desire to understand and improve how things function.

Her interests include: organizing things, hashing, photography, gardening, sailing, swimming, and learning about the America not taught in school. She agrees with Leonardo da Vinci that: “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

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