Strategic Planning for Financial Results
  • Jan 15, 2020
  • Cybeck
  • 1 min Read

Cybeck Capital Partners is a boutique private equity firm offering management support and equity funding for mezzanine stage companies. We help people reach their goals and ambitions so they may do the same for others. We believe in the free enterprise system: freedom for individuals and businesses to operate and compete.

Investments come in many forms: people, money, energy, and time. While all are important, our first priority is always people. We seek opportunities to invest in and build business relationships with people who share our values and passion for free enterprise. Our investment partners are a diverse group, yet they all share a common vision for the opportunities of small business. We talk about “the three C’s”: Character – personal and business values, culture, and beliefs Capability – industry knowledge, technical ability, and experience in small business Commitment – personal passion and willingness to invest money, energy, and time We don’t just lend money; we partner with people and work with them to attain their goals and objectives through business.


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