What is EOS®?


The Entrepreneurial Operating System® is a proven and extremely effective business management system with simple concepts and practical tools that has helped thousands of leaders get what they want from their businesses – clarity, direction, growth, higher profit, and better communication!

Check out this 4-minute video to learn how EOS® works and why it’s so effective across so many different industries.


From the standpoint of getting your leadership team, and eventually everyone in the organization, 100% on the same page with who you are, where you are going and how you will get there.




From the standpoint of helping everyone in your organization become more disciplined and accountable, executing really well to help you achieve your vision.



Becoming a healthy, functional, cohesive leadership team. Because as goes your leadership team, so goes the rest of your organization.


EOS® is a complete system with concepts & tools that help you accomplish three key things in your organization we call VISION, TRACTION®, and HEALTHY.

Together we can overcome these common issues:

  • People Issues – get more out of your people and see them work as a team
  • Lack of Control – own your business rather than letting it own you
  • Not Enough Profit – get the rewards for the time and effort you invest
  • No Growth – break through the ceiling you’ve hit and enjoy new growth
  • Loss of Direction – focus your team as you move toward your vision
  • Nothing Works – finally get traction on the things you want to do

I look forward to working with you!

Tim O’Neil, Professional EOS Implementer serving Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky


The system is comprised of 3 elements: EOS Model, EOS Process and EOS Toolbox
The EOS Model

The EOS Model™ illustrates the Six Key Components of any business that must be managed and strengthened to be a great business. This model applies to big and small businesses alike, in any industry.

The EOS Process

The EOS Process™  provides a proven way to put all the pieces together, incorporating each of the EOS Tools in the right order to best strengthen each of the Six Key Components of your business.

The EOS Toolbox

The EOS Toolbox™ gives business leaders and managers simple concepts and practical tools that provide them with everything they need to build and run a great business.

Let's Talk!

Does EOS sound interesting to you? Let’s schedule a 15 to 30 minute meeting to discuss the issues your business is facing and see if EOS is right for you. This isn’t a sales pitch. I just want us to get to know each other and see if I can be of service to you!


The Six Key Components of The EOS Model are Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, and Traction.


Getting everyone in the entire organization 100% on the same page with where you’re going & how you’re going to get there.


We can’t do it without people. This means surrounding yourself with great people, top to bottom. You can’t achieve a great vision without the right people in the right seats.


Cut through all the feelings, personalities, opinions & egos. Boil the business down to a handful of objective numbers that give you an absolute pulse on where things are.

With the Vision, People, and Data Components strong, you start to create a lucid, transparent, open and honest organization where everything becomes more visible and you start to “smoke out all the issues,” which leads to…


Becoming great at solving problems throughout the company – setting them up, knocking them down and making them go away forever.


This is the secret ingredient.  Systematizing, identifying, and documenting the core processes that define the way to run your business. They create consistency & scalability.


This means bringing discipline & accountability into the organization. Becoming great at execution, taking the vision down to the ground & making it real.

“To the degree you focus on strengthening these Six Components as leaders and managers, everything will fall into place. That will move your business into the top 5 percent.”

– Gino Wickman, Founder of EOS Worldwide


The EOS Process® is the proven way to implement the necessary tools and methods to effectively strengthen each key component of your business. Using the principles of spaced learning, we help you form new habits to lead and manage. It takes time and repetition. The good news is that you’ll see improvement quickly!


The EOS Toolbox contains a complete set of simple tools you can use to strengthen each component of your business.

The EOS Model™

Entrepreneurial leaders typically focus on too many things when running their businesses. The EOS Model illustrates The Six Key Components™ of any organization. When they are focused upon and strengthened, all symptomatic issues go away.

The Five Leadership Abilities™

Are you hitting the ceiling? You know that feeling being stuck, frustrated, or as though there is not enough time in the day! Either you are, you have, or you will… it is inevitable. The way you break through the ceiling is by mastering the Five Leadership Abilities™.

The V/TO™

Strategic planning is often too complex. The Vision/Traction Organizer™ (V/TO) is a powerful tool to help you simplify the strategic planning process, getting your vision out of your head and onto paper by answering eight questions to crystallize where your organization is going and how you will get there.

The Accountability Chart

Organizations that don’t function well are often structured in a way to satisfy egos or are based on what worked in the past. The Accountability Chart is a tool that helps you take a big step back to define the structure that will take your organization to the next level and clarifies everyone’s roles and responsibilities.

The Meeting Pulse™

Business meetings are typically inconsistent and ineffective. The Meeting Pulse™ advocates that leadership teams meet quarterly for a full day and every week for 90 minutes. This rhythm enables them to stay focused, be on the same page, and solve problems.

The Level 10 Meeting™

Meetings that don’t resolve problems are a waste of time. The Level 10 Meeting™ Agenda incorporates the psychology of what makes for great weekly meetings. It forces you to look at and address what is most important and solve issues as they arise.

The Issues Solving Track™

Most teams spend lots of time discussing issues, but rarely solve anything. Problems linger for days, weeks, months – even years. The Issues Solving Track™ is a discipline that will enable your team to determine what problems need their attention and to solve them quickly.


When everything is important, nothing is important. Your team won’t execute well when they don’t prioritize well. The process of setting Rocks enables everyone to focus on the 3-7 priorities that must get done every 90 days.


The customized Scorecard is your dashboard of key performance indicators. It gives you a pulse on the health of your business and allows you to better predict what lies ahead of you. You will start running your business on objective data rather than subjective opinions.

The 8 Cash Flow Drivers™

Cash flow is king, and most organizations don’t have enough of it. The Eight Cash-Flow Drivers™ model helps your leadership team stay focused on the true drivers of its cash flow and ultimately assures those drivers are being managed well.


Poor leadership and management are an epidemic in the entrepreneurial world. LMA™ gets to the heart of what makes for great leaders and managers. LMA™ stands for “leadership,” “management,” and “accountability,” a vital skill set for all leaders.

The People Analyzer™

Evaluating people is a difficult and subjective task. With the People Analyzer™, you will be able to cut through the complexity and clearly identify if someone fits in your culture and is filling the right seat.


Having every person in the right seat is essential to being a great organization and this tool enables you to make those proper placements. GWC™ stands for “gets it”, “wants it,” and “capacity to do it,” the only three criteria in determining if a person is operating within his or her true skill set.

The 5-5-5™

When managing people, it is difficult to stay clear on expectations and communicate them well. The 5-5-5™ defines the three most important expectations: demonstrate the five core values, have the skills to perform their five roles, and setting and achieving their five Rocks every quarter.

Clarity Break™

Most entrepreneurial leaders experience times when they are frustrated, feel overwhelmed, and lack clarity. By taking a Clarity Break™ at regular intervals, you regain the clarity and confidence you need to lead your people and manage your business.

Delegate and Elevate™

In a growing organization, the only way to stay ahead of the increasing workload, continue to grow, and stay balanced is to delegate the right tasks and elevate yourself to your true skill set. The Delegate and Elevate™ tool will help you clearly define which tasks are in your sweet spot and which are not.

The Assistance Track™

As a leader, you can’t be doing administrative tasks and getting caught up in details. You need support and assistance from the people around you. The Assistance Track™ provides five easy disciplines to help you delegate and elevate to your true skill set.

The Trust Builders™

Often, the leaders on leadership teams do not trust each other. To stay healthy, functional, and strong, your team must always remain open and honest with each other. The Trust Builders™ provide 10 ways to keep your team‘s trust level high.


Knowing what makes you tick is vital in always staying energized and avoiding burnout. Kolbe is a powerful tool that helps you understand your conative, instinct-based, natural abilities.

The 3-Step Process Documenter™

Everyone doing things their own way leads to chaos. To create a well-oiled machine that functions with consistency, efficiency, and greater profitability, you must systemize your business. The Three-Step Process Documenter™ provides a simple approach to doing just that.


Every person on your team must have the right information and tools to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) purely throughout your organization. With the books in the Traction Library, your entire company – from leadership to management to employees – will understand their role and be better equipped to help your company succeed.

In Traction®, Gino Wickman introduces you to the secrets of strengthening the Six Key Components™ of your business. You’ll discover simple yet powerful ways to run your company that will give you and your leadership team more focus, more growth, and more enjoyment.

Based on years of real-world implementation in thousands of companies, the Entrepreneurial Operating System is a practical method for achieving the business success you have always envisioned.


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How Long Will It Take To Start Seeing Results?
Within your first 60 days of implementing, you will have the five foundational tools in place:

  • The Vision/Traction Organizer™ ensures your leadership team is 100% on the same page.
  • The Accountability Chart maps out the roles and responsibilities of your entire organization and people issues will become more clear.
  • The Rocks will be ready to be rolled out to the entire organization so everyone can focus on the most important things in the business.
  • The Level 10 Meetings™ will be making a big impact on the accountability within the organization.  Ultimately, you’ll be able to have fewer meetings.
  • The Scorecard is driving your future P&L as your leadership team measures and watches 5-15 key numbers.
How Much Time is Required from My Team to Implement EOS?

We will meet for a full-day, 8-hour session, quarterly with your entire leadership team and 2 days annually. You can expect to devote 90 minutes with your team weekly to EOS: reviewing your numbers, priorities, making sure your people are happy and solving your issues. Initially, it will feel like EOS has added things for you and your team to do, however, EOS is a world-class time management tool. Over time, you will be able to get much more done with a lot more focus.

What is an EOS Implementer?
EOS® Implementers are passionate about helping you strengthen The Six Key Components™ of your business and getting you what want from your business. We do this by:

  • Teaching every tool in the EOS Toolbox™
  • Facilitating clarity, alignment, and resolution
  • Coaching EOS purity, accountability, and helping the leadership team become its best
Why Hire an EOS Implementer?

EOS is simple, but not easy. The tools are simple and practical, but change is hard and often requires outside perspective and energy to accomplish. EOS Implementers are EOS experts who obsess about helping you and your team.

Can EOS Sessions Be Held Virtually?

Yes. The value and experience remains the same whether meeting face-to-face or by video conference. While it is always nice to gather the leadership team in one place, we can make it work either way. The average session rating across the EOS community does not change when moving from physical to virtual sessions.

How Long is a Typical Engagement with an EOS Implementer?

I will be guiding your team as you implement EOS for 18 to 24 months. During that time, we will meet about 13 times. Once you are 80% strong in all of the Six Key Components, we will celebrate and you can opt to go forward implementing EOS on your own.

What Investment is Required to Implement EOS?

The typical time investment for you and your leadership team is 13 sessions over 2 years. You pay at the end of each session and if at any time you feel you haven’t received value, you aren’t obligated to pay!


Companies Have Used An EOS Implementer

Session Days Completed By EOS Implementers


Owners Will Leave Their Business At Some Point



The first step is to schedule a 15-30 minute introductory call with Tim to discuss the issues your business is facing and to see if EOS is right for you. No sales pitch, just a thoughtful conversation about your business.


If EOS is a good fit for your business, the next step is to get you and your leadership team assembled for a meeting with Tim to discuss EOS in more specific detail. This is a free session to make sure your team is ready to get on board. Regardless of that decision, Tim will provide at least two actionable items you can implement.


Once your leadership team is on board, the next step is to kick off the journey that will introduce your team to tools it needs to achieve Vision, gain Traction and get Healthy. Prior to your Focus Day, you should complete the Organizational Checkup so we can gauge how strong your company is in each of the Six Key Components and will measure the progress made during the EOS implementation journey!