Our Philosophy

Investments come in many forms: people, money, energy and time. While all are important, our first priority is always people. We seek opportunities to invest in and build business relationships with people who share our values and perspectives on free enterprise.


We don’t just lend money; we partner with people and work with them to attain their goals and objectives through business. While we often invest financial resources, we also provide independent insights, governance, and management consulting rooted in decades of experience.


Our investment partners are a diverse group, yet they all share a common vision for the opportunities of small business. We talk about “the three C’s”:

Character – personal and business values, culture, and beliefs

Capability – industry knowledge, technical ability, and experience in small business

Commitment – personal passion and willingness to invest money, energy and time

We prefer meeting our potential partners, hosting an open exchange of background information, and getting to know each other long before we actually review “the numbers." We believe no amount of legal paperwork will ever mitigate a poor business relationship.


Mezzanine Financing

Mezzanine Financing Image While we have partnered with companies during the start-up phase, our lending experience and expertise is focused on mezzanine financing. We look for entrepreneurs and companies with a proven business model requiring an infusion of intellectual and financial capital to fuel growth and expansion. Those facing barriers preventing activities such as: corporate acquisitions, product development, geographical or facility expansion or new equipment purchases can benefit from our expertise and understanding of business. We can craft a creative financing package utilizing interest, participation, and equity that is affordable and matches the needs of the growing organization.


Operating Partnerships

Our unique Operating Partnership (OP) ProgramTM is a true example of partnering to reach an entrepreneur’s goals and objectives. It is a marriage of talents between you and our team to build a great company. This is where we excel!


Operating Partnership Image

We view ourselves as “business catalysts” unlocking the potential of people and companies. Our Operating Partnership Program was developed to match the demonstrated skills of an operations-oriented individual with the proven skills and track record of Cybeck Capital Partners. It is designed to provide and facilitate a mutual benefit where the operations partner can own and operate the business, yet have access to small business management experience and the additional funding sources we offer.


This time-tested program is employed in numerous industries and has even been demonstrated and taught to other financing entities. If you recognize the value and synergy that comes from working with partners possessing complimentary skills, this opportunity will interest you. Whether you are operating a company or searching for an acquisition opportunity, our Operating Partnership Program brings skills and money together to build a great company.

Read More: Cybeck Operating Partnership ProgramTM



Acquisition ImageOur company acquisitions support our efforts in providing value to our partners. While we will occasionally review a company proposal independent of management, we are focused on matching an opportunity with an existing operations-oriented partner.


We do not broker companies, but do offer mergers and acquisitions consulting for both sellers and buyers. Please contact us for additional information and current criteria for a potential acquisition.



Business Funding

An entrepreneur’s decision on how to finance

is a balance of timing, capital requirements,

desired control, and retained equity.



Traditional Progression

Personal Investment

Family & Friends (DOD)

Angel Financing

Venture Capital Funding

Mezzanine Financing

Bank Lending

Organic Options

Operating Revenues



Real Estate Mortgage (Sale Leaseback)

Credit Cards


Corporate Partners

Innovative Solutions

SBA Loan - 7(a), 504, ARC, etc.

Venture Leasing


401K Small Business Financing

Small Business Investment Company

Economic Development Programs


We can help evaluate the option

which is best for you and your company.