Current Investments

We are proud to partner with talented people representing diverse industries. Our portfolio continues to grow as we invest in entrepreneurs who are passionate about their business and marketplace opportunities.


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Accelerant Dayton

An initiative of the Dayton Development Coalition, AccelerantTM is here to add fuel to your entrepreneurial fire; to help you secure the resources you need to unleash your full potential. The Dayton Region is a hotbed of innovation and opportunity, and we can put you in the middle of it all.

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BayTree National Bank and Trust Logo

BayTree National Bank & Trust Company

BayTree National Bank separates itself from the competition by nurturing a smaller client base and offering greater flexibility in product design and lending structures. It operates from two locations in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff, Illinois, and offers of full range of personal and commercial banking products.

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ComForCare Home Care

The home health care industry experienced double-digit growth over the past ten years and shows no signs of stopping. Compassionate caregivers are needed to provide quality home care to America's aging population. Our parthership with Edinburgh Enterprises, LLC. and the ComForcare franchise system is positioned to capitalize on and fulfill the demand.

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EndoSphere Logo


EndoSphere is developing a platform of endoscopically implantable devices for the treatment of metabolic diseases, including obesity and type 2 diabetes. EndoSphere's technology causes gradual weight-loss without the cost and complications of surgery. Patients simply feel full sooner, without nausea or any other awareness of the product.

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Fetch! Pet Care Logo

Fetch! Pet Care

Fetch! Pet Care is the nation's largest and most trusted provider of professional pet sitting and dog walking services, serving thousands of pets and pet parents from coast to coast. Quite simply, Fetch! Pet Care is heads and tails above the rest of the pet industry.

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Lightbridge Academy

Lightbridge Academy

Lightbridge Academy is a family of early learning centers which create relationships, provide piece of mind, establish caring bonds and educate children. It’s an educational child care center and an experience you can feel good about.

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MLA Management Systems Logo

MLA Management Systems, Inc.

Dedicated to helping small and medium sized businesses reach their maximum profitability, the MLA Management Systems team specializes in providing solid, senior-level financial and organizational advice.

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MotoPhoto Logo


Long recognized as one of the leaders in the imaging industry, MotoPhoto continues to offer consumers a comfortable environment where memories are made. The digital photography revolution has vastly expanded the opportunities in the marketplace and the partnership formed with Cadenza Management, LLC. will foster innovation at its flagship retail store.

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Ohio Tech Angels Logo

Ohio Tech Angels

Ohio Tech Angels seeks to invest in Ohio-based technology opportunities by providing investment capital for the commercialization of innovations in life sciences, information technology and physical sciences.

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One Call Now Logo

One Call Now

One Call Now is recognized as an innovator in the communications industry. They offer a variety of automated messaging solutions for over 40,000 clients across North America including: schools, churches, synagogues, camps, youth sports teams and clubs as well as businesses, emergency crews, military units, and communities.

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The Connor Group Logo

The Connor Group

The Connor Group is a real estate investment firm with over 13,000 apartments in its portfolio. By purchasing poorly managed properties and turning operations around, they are able to either sell or refinance a property as soon as two years after purchase.

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Sycamore Partnership

Sycamore Partnership invests in commercial real estate and currently has over 110,000 square feet of rentable space in its portfolio.






Select Investment History

  • American Federal Savings Bank
  • Champion Copier
  • Corral Photographic Corporation
  • Deegan Real Estate
  • Family Financial Centers
  • Linwood Green
  • Loyle Lanes
  • Millville Tool & Die
  • MOTO Franchise Corporation
  • Moto Photo Inc.
  • Portrait Avenue
  • ProMoto Management Corporation


"“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Harry as an employer, mentor, investor and friend. As I interviewed with Harry for a position with MOTO Franchise Corporation, I learned he was more insightful and concerned with fit than most. Before he extended me the offer, I planned to reject it. However, during the “final interview”, he explained I wasn’t being offered the job I expected because he knew it didn’t fit my profile and desires.  From there we began a different conversation, which resulted in my employment, but in a position which better fit my goals and passions. This is just one of the many examples showing his perception and commitment to creating win-win relationships. 

Cybeck’s investment in MLA is carefully structured toensure both corporate and personal goals are obtainable. They provide advice which is insightful and useful... not overbearing. Cybeck and Harry Loyle are investment partners no firm should overlook when looking for capital needs.”"

— Seth Morgan, President, MLA Management Systems



"I knew Harry long before I joined the MotoPhoto franchise system in 1998. It is evident that he cares about people and takes time to understand the dynamics in an organization before making an impact. He has no problem making hard decisions; his approach is thoughtful, sensitive and rooted in truth. Whenever I faced a difficult place in my business, I could call on him for assistance. I quickly discovered I could admit error without fearing judgement. We were successful because we invested in people and had passion for what we were doing. "

— Haunani Sue Lin Kekuna, Franchisee, MotoPhoto



"MyTeam1, LLC (DBA One Call Now) is the fastest growing telecommunications company in Ohio for the past three years, according to INC magazine. Thanks in no small part to their value-added services which provided the essential growth capital we needed over the past four years and also critical top-level management and financial direction on our board.

Cybeck helped us create a more appropriate and investor-friendly corporate structure (an LLC VS sole proprietorship) and constitute an independent and knowledgeable board of directors (not just casual advisors). Through ongoing objective, quantitative and qualitative guidance (which is not always easy to give or receive), Cybeck has helped us solidify our management team and formulate solid, executable strategic and tactical plans.

With the guidance of Cybeck and founding partner Harry Loyle, our company has grown from less than $1MM in sales to a run rate of $10 million. We’ve transitioned from a substantial loss to significant profitability in less than four years and created 50 high-tech, full-benefit white collar jobs in Southwest Ohio during the deepest recession in fifty years."

— Leib Lurie, CEO, One Call Now