Investing, owning and managing our own companies have put us in an excellent position to add value to your company. We always look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise in the following areas:

Mergers & Acquisitions

Having experience on both the buyer and seller side of transactions, we bring a unique perspective and process which produces an extremely high rate of successful conclusions. Our ability to explain and translate the transaction points to all parties involved and structure creative terms is an advantage to our partners. We are particularly effective in the emotional transactions involving partners and family succession.


Our underlining objective is to create a mutually beneficial transaction by guiding the parties through our defined process when buying, selling or combining businesses: identify all of the constituents and empathetically determine their needs, objectives and desires; creatively brainstorm potential structures and terms to best meet the needs of all involved in the transaction; discuss and evaluate the options ultimately selecting the appropriate one; develop implementation plans; and establish a review system to resolve any issues as we move through settlement.


We are also available to assist post-settlement to integrate new managers and avoid “near death” experiences. Unanticipated events happen, but having a trusted advisor assisting as you lead the transition can prove to be beneficial.


Capital Structure

The financial foundation of any company is its Balance Sheet. Your ability to grow and effect change or survive an external threat is determined by how well you have balanced your company’s debt and equity. Whether you are starting a new company or forced to address a capital challenge in your existing company, we can help.


Enhance your financial position and provide financial flexibility for the future, by aligning your capital structure with your strategic plan. We will carefully review your unit economics, strategic plan, cash requirements, and equity stakeholders to ensure you are properly capitalized. If your company would be served with additional funding, either debt or equity, we will assemble the prospectus and proposal for presentation to third-party funding sources or entertain a direct lending relationship.


Strategic Planning

Reach your goals and objectives by having a clearly articulated vision and plan for your team. Our strategic planning process will put your organization in a position to take advantage of today’s sales and tomorrow's opportunities by aligning your resources and strategies. Having an experienced, independent and objective strategic planning consultant to question, probe and challenge subjective thinking, while fostering collaboration, produces a great result.


Our process follows a framework to analyze and assess the factors that create an effective strategic plan: industry profile; SWOT analysis; key industry success factors; distinctive competence; strategy formulation; strategy implementation; and evaluation and control.


We believe a small business exists for the benefit of its owner(s) and is the vehicle for achieving their dreams and vision. Challenge your company to attain its full potential when entrepreneurial passion, personal drivers, and marketplace opportunity are in alignment. If your goals are important to you, we can help present them to your team with the clarity that assures success.


Corporate Governance

We guide leaders in all aspects of corporate governance by focusing on people, practices, and policies. Applying best practices for management oversight and establishing behavioral dynamics of a corporate board or advisory group enhances the reputation of your organization and makes it more attractive to customers, investors, and suppliers.


It is never too early to establish a good corporate governance program that balances the various relationships between your company and its constituencies. Our goal is to provide the insights and controls you need to better manage your organization and achieve your vision and goals. We can also help interview and secure board members or advisors and, in limited situations, make our own team members available.


Executive Coaching

Many small business leaders and entrepreneurs find a trusted advisor, who has the knowledge and confidence to offer outside perspective and advice, a powerful influence in keeping their company moving toward its goals. As an ally, friend and motivator, we can help you identify strengths and weaknesses, expose talents, reignite passion, and discover new opportunities.


Our team members have served on public and private boards, held C level positions in companies of all sizes, and counseled dozens of business leaders. Our process begins with a mutual interview to assure personal compatibility and appropriate skills matching.





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  • i9 Sports
  • American Cutting Edge
  • Bassett's Original Turkey
  • CB Manufacturing
  • Doody Calls
  • Hollywood Tans
  • LifePlan Financial Group
  • Martinizing Dry Cleaning
  • PortraitEFX
  • Rita's Water Ice
  • Ritter's Frozen Custard
  • Salad Works




"Over the past few years, Hartzell has strayed from the core strengths which once made us a thriving family business. With your consultation and program we have begun to strip down our business model and build a strong foundation. The Cybeck 10-Step strategic planning process has helped us to clarify our vision for the future. The strategic alignment has transformed our business and executive team. Using the strategic plan has enabled us to make many critical decisions about our business all centered around narrowing our focus to our core strengths, as well as maximizing our success. In doing so, we have eliminated initiatives in areas where we saw little to no future growth allowing us to focus on the most impactful business ventures that will spur continued success. Each session allows the team to come together and develop a clear plan on how to execute our company objectives. I want to sincerely thank you and Ashley for the personal time and commitment you gave to Hartzell. We truly appreciate all the extra effort you took to research and coach our team. Harry, you have made a lasting impression on our team that will continue to be a guiding light for the rest of our careers. I highly recommend your services."

— Sean Steimle, President, Hartzell Air Movement



"Harry Loyle has a rare combination of experience, ethics, integrity, intellect and a sincere desire to help. The time we spent with Harry has been appreciated, valued and thought provoking. Our organization became so focused on achieving a specific goal that we lost sight of the different paths available for reaching it. We worked with Harry to gain a more clear understanding of where we were relative to achieving our goals, as well as what the future might look like, and how we might get there. Harry helped us to honestly and objectively determine the strengths and weaknesses of our organization and worked with us to make the company stronger.  Harry has made a positive difference in our organization and our lives."

— Jacob D’Aniello, Founder, Doody Calls



"Throughout my 20+ years in franchising, I have had the deepest pleasure of knowing and working with Harry as both a friend and a mentor. His experience, sincerity, professionalism are superior, and are characteristics reserved only for the best in the business. His extensive and diverse business knowledge is showcased in his ability to grow brands; lead teams through acquisition; help businesses raise capital; and prepare for a stronger, more prosperous growth strategy. Harry's commitment to always producing above and beyond results has always amazed me and has helped me position my ethics, strategies and philosophies throughout my career. "

— Steve Beagelman, President, SMB Franchising



"Harry Loyle and his company were very instrumental in helping us make a successful transition in 2006 of ownership and business succession. His company did this by creating a win/win for all parties involved, which included myself, the exiting owner and a new business partner, as well as looking at what would be best for LifePlan. Harry went even beyond the transition processes. He helped me as the incoming CEO to communicate and create a vision for LifePlan, which we are successfully implementing today. This vision and theme has sustained us through the most extraordinary times we have faced in our industry. Without the successful transition that took place in 2006, we would not be in the great position that we are today."

— Dan Hypes, CEO, LifePlan Financial Group



"The Business Valuation Panel really set the stage for some great questions, great answers and thought-provoking discussions. It was by far and away the most successful Friday afternoon session we've had at a Summit in a long time. Pam pronounced it the best panel discussion she's ever seen -- anywhere (...and she's seen a lot). Harry, I want to again say how much I value you as a member, a friend and a resource. You're one of those pros who knows exactly what he's doing and why."

— Terry Weaver, CEO, Chief Executive Boards Int'l