Our Mission

"Personal and organizational development through business."


For over three decades, our mission has rested on two tenets:


First, the ultimate measurement in life is not how many widgets you sell or your final bank balance. We believe our responsibility is to “leave the campsite in better condition than when we arrived.” Our skill set is business and we use those skills to effect a positive influence on individuals and organizations. We help people reach their goals and ambitions so they may do the same for others. That’s not to say a business should not be profitable. In fact, profit from a prudently run business operation ensures sustainability and allows us to further our mission.


Second, we sincerely appreciate and respect the opportunities afforded everyone within the United States of America. We believe in the free enterprise system: freedom for individuals and businesses to operate and compete. We believe small business, through the jobs they create and the value they bring to their communities, is the fuel which drives economic growth and improves people's lives.


"I believe that entrepreneurs perform the most noble acts of anyone in a free society.

By putting their capital at risk and creating jobs for others,

they keep the Great American Dream alive."

- Clay Mathile, founder, Aileron and author “Dream No Little Dreams” 


Our Values

Our values help communicate our mission and guide our personal actions and business relationships:



The entire world is symbiotic. We respect and strive to balance the needs and desires of others through our thoughts and actions.




This one is simple... we "do the right thing."





We value and honor our responsibilities and commitments to ourselves and other individuals, teams, and companies.




While we are not shy about accepting recognition or praise for the job we have done today, we have a drive to think and work for a better result tomorrow.




We are proud of our daily actions, the companies we represent, and the people we have the privilege of working with.


Our Team

Harry D. Loyle

Managing Director

Harry D. Loyle ImageWhile growing up, Harry’s father provided a rich environment to experience small business. Charles Loyle was by profession a financial controller for a public company, but the family was always involved in small business. From a direct mail advertising company, to soda distribution, to a machine shop, to the namesake Loyle Lanes Bowling Center, there was always an opportunity to learn and participate in small business.


The acquisition of his own small camera store in 1974 through a bankruptcy sale transaction was Harry’s first exposure to mergers and acquisitions and management challenges. Over the years, several successful businesses and turnarounds provided the initial funding for LG Management, now Cybeck Capital Partners. Cybeck empowers others to reach their business goals with management support and funding through creative lending and operating partnerships.


Opening a MotoPhoto® retail location in 1985 and developing the New Jersey/New York/Pennsylvania region as an Area Developer provided the introduction to the opportunities afforded within franchising. Harry joined the International Franchise Association (IFA) through the Franchisee Advisory Council (Franchisee Forum) in 1994, and has served as FAC Chair, Vice Chair of the Technology Committee, co-founder of the Dayton Area Franchise Business Network, and a member of the Finance Audit and Budget committee for over 15 years. He has a CFE (Certified Franchise Executive) designation and recently served as IFA Treasurer.


Harry has completed over 100 equity acquisitions and has frontline experience in leading companies from start-ups to those with over $200MM in sales. He has served on numerous advisory boards, held board of directors positions for both private and public companies, and performed committee work for compensation and financial audit. He is a frequent keynote speaker, has taught for Small Business Administration programs, and currently lectures at the University of Dayton, Wright State University, and Antioch University McGregor.


Business results pale in comparison to the pride and joy that comes from a great marriage with Barbara, his wife of 35 years, and the individual successes of their four grown children. They are eagerly awaiting grandchildren.


Harry is a FAA certificated commercial pilot; enjoys theater and music, including his poor attempt to play the euphonium; and has an unexplained passion for Italian motorcycles.




Joseph M. O'Hara


Joseph M. O'HaraJoe O’Hara serves as Director for Cybeck Capital Partners and brings a wide range of knowledge to our organization including: banking and financial management; real estate and lease transactions; merger and acquisitions; business entity formation; governmental and regulatory compliance; tax strategy; partnership and employee issues; and small business administration.


Joe has spent the last twenty five years owning, operating and serving in management positions for both private and public companies in Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. The early part of his career was spent with General Motors as a Production Engineer; with NCR as Product Manager for International Markets; and with Moto Photo Inc. as Director of Franchise Sales.


Growing up in a family with a father who started and owned his own company, Joe learned to appreciate the benefits of small business. He has a passion for identifying and maximizing those benefits. While serving as President and Owner of ProMoto Management Corporation, which was the largest Area Developer for Moto Photo stores, he helped dozens of other small business owners achieve business success.


Joe received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration with a dual concentration in Finance and Marketing from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.


When Joe is not working hard at the office, he is playing hard with his family. He is happily married to Maryjane and they have two girls, Caitlin and Maeve. They love spending time together doing all sorts of activities - cooking, watching movies, playing sports and traveling in the US and abroad.





Joseph W. Davis


Joseph W. Davis Joe Davis serves as Director for Cybeck Capital Partners and brings a wide range of knowledge to our organization including budgeting and projections; business planning, banking and financial management, finance system development and real estate and lease transactions.


Joe learned at an early age the Take the Stairs approach was essential to him achieving success. Whether it was late nights in the library, gym or at the office, Joe will take the tougher path to get to his goals. This shows as Joe is part of the first generation of his family to graduate college, and the first with a postgraduate degree. He has also taken a $7,500 loan from his parents and turned it into a 10 property, 23-unit residential real estate portfolio over the course of 6 years.


During his career, Joe has worked as a Business Advisor to many small- to medium-sized, privately owned businesses. His experience includes working with businesses in diverse industries that includes Franchising, Retail, Real Estate, Service, Financial Services, among several others with tasks such as developing finance systems, implementing processes and procedures that improve efficiencies and maximizing value within those organizations.


Joe received a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Finance, and a Master of Accountancy from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio.


Joe is a dedicated family man currently living in Norfolk, Virginia with his wife, Karen, who is fulfilling her patriotic duties with the United States Air Force, and their dog, Piper. Joe enjoys taking walks on the beach with Karen and Piper, traveling to visit friends/family and many other outdoor activities, especially Golf.





Ashley J. Breidenbach

Director of Marketing & Portfolio Consultant

Ashley J. Breidenbach Ashley Breidenbach is the Director of Marketing and a Portfolio Consultant for Cybeck Capital Partners. She uses her knowledge and experience in marketing and retail operations to solve various business challenges and get people moving in the right direction. Having managed multiple brands in an industry which underwent significant transitions during the past decade, she gained valuable insight and understands the need to have customer-centric marketing and loyalty programs, a defined brand, and effective communication. Under her leadership, her marketing team developed and implemented dozens of turn-key programs which included not only creative design and production, but also new retail product introductions and complete operational support materials for store associates.


While attending the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL, she was the Administrative Assistant for Hecht Residential College for five years. That unique experience allowed her to develop and refine her customer service and team building skills. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Business Administration in Logistics, she provided logistics support for Fritz Companies Inc. in Miami and gained exposure to international business in the “Gateway to Latin America.”


In 2001, she returned to her roots in Ohio and began the next phase of her career with MotoPhoto as a member of the Concept Development Team. She was later responsible for developing and maintaining vendor relationships and implementing buying programs. When Harry Loyle bought the assets of MotoPhoto Inc. and formed MOTO Franchise Corporation in 2003, she became his Executive Project Manager and was responsible for marketing, corporate communications, event planning, conventions and trade shows.


Ashley served on the Board of Trustees for the Trotwood Chamber of Commerce in 2006 and was elected Secretary in 2007. During this time, she gained a greater appreciation for small business owners and the importance of a pro-business community. She has been a member of the Board of Trustees for Indian Lake Yacht Club and was elected Commodore in 2008 and 2009 - an honor she shares with both her father and grandfather. She currently serves on the Board of Trustees for the VISIONS Endowment Fund which was founded to enhance the educational experience for children attending Vandalia-Butler City Schools and is Secretary for the Highlander Class International Association which is dedicated to the growth and vitality of the "Original One-Design Sport Boat."


While most people prefer to talk rather than listen and express opinions rather than ask questions, Ashley is quite the opposite. She is a keen observer and her favorite word is ‘why.' Always eager to face a new challenge, she has an insatiable desire to understand and improve how things function.


Her interests include: photography, gardening, sailing, swimming, organizing things, and learning about the America not taught in school. She agrees with Leonardo da Vinci: “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”





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